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HIPPOS Go Hybrid - Hybrid commerce is the omnichannel for retail nowadays.

Hybrid commerce is the omnichannel for retail nowadays. 

Transforming your retail into OMO hybrid commerce

Nowadays retail no longer sells in-person only. Retailer can merge your in-store, online store, and inventory as an omnichannel. 

Modules suggestions



HIPPOS cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) solution comes with solid features that are available for retailers to sell in-shop and mobile.

  • Switch branches

  • Inventory notification

  • Sales report

  • iPad based

  • Online & Offline sales

  • Connect payment

HIPPOS Module Function - Point of Sale

Inventory Management

HIPPOS inventory management system synchronizes your in-store and online shop inventory. Allow you to manage easily. 

  • Stock in / out / take

  • Sync warehouse

  • Real-time stock-take

  • Custom items

  • Stock in / out record

  • Stock Report

HIPPOS Module Function - Inventory Management

Online Shop

Transforming your retail to online business, increase sales with hybrid solution. 

  • Sync with in-store

  • Sync with inventory

  • Connect to payment

  • Easy to setup

  • O2O

  • OMO

HIPPOS Module Function - Online Shop

Discount System

A standard or customizing discount system gives you a variable of promotion ideas.

  • Customize discount

  • Combe discount

  • Promotion code

  • Birthday discount

  • Referral discount

HIPPOS Module Function - Discount System

Cost less than you think

With HIPPOS module-based retail solutions, retail does not need to subscribe to irrelevant features. You can assemble as your business grow.

Start your hybrid business with HIPPOS 

Try HIPPOS POS system for 30 days free.

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